LUMO Light Festival 2021 – Call for proposals

The City of Oulu (Finland), a LUCI member, has been organising the annual “Lumo Light Festival” since 2013. The goal of the festival is to bring light and joy for the people during the darkest of times and offer new viewpoints to the city experience. Every year, artists get the chance to work on the architectural heritage of the “Capital of Northern Scandinavia,” such as its City Hall or its Cathedral.

Lumo Light Festival Oulu is calling for artists, designers and lighting professionals as well as students and institutions to submit their proposals for the 2021 event. The festival is looking for installations for two alternative realisation methods:

  • a so-called normal situation where the festival is arranged as a compact three-day festival entity. Dates: 19-21 November 2021 (with installations shown between 4-10 PM).
  • and a longer alternative where the installations will be on show for a longer period. Dates: 19 November-6 December (with installations on display every day).

The festival can also be arranged as a hybrid between these two options.

The theme for Lumo Light Festival in 2021 is BACK TO NEW. The organisers explain the theme as follows: “We are expecting to return to the normal, but normal as we knew it might no longer exist. What kind of opportunities will open in the new era? What ways of our thinking will have changed for good? How will our approach to other people and the environment change? How will the human mind and humanity evolve?

Lumo Light Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts festival: the organisers are not only looking for impressive installations and innovative video mappings but also light-utilising content from different fields (music, dance, theatre and workshops).

Artists are asked to submit their proposals by 30 March 2021.
You can find more information on the City of Oulu’s website: https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/lumo/call2021?fbclid=IwAR3QDIn_rhDCgjDdJczaZ0LXrz6aifYTKjyv4yIIXrLsi9Uh14T4HuGf0w4

Valoa Oulu. Photo : Jussi Tuokkola

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