Why join LUCI?

LUCI is a network for urban lighting professionals world-wide. Being a LUCI member empowers cities to meet, learn, act, speak and shape the future of urban lighting together. It opens new avenues for cities to improve their urban lighting policies.

1- Networking and Cooperation

LUCI provides cities with a vast global network of peers, lighting professionals, and experts. By becoming a member, cities gain access to a platform that facilitates networking and opportunities to engage with peers facing similar challenges, share experiences, and collaborate on lighting projects. Benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of the LUCI network to enhance your local urban lighting strategies.

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2- Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

LUCI is a place for knowledge and best practices in urban lighting. As a member, cities gain insights into successful lighting projects, innovative approaches, and the latest trends and updates. Learn from the experiences of others and leverage this knowledge to improve your own urban lighting initiatives. LUCI organizes events on a regular basis, face-to-face as well as online, where members can engage in in-depth discussions and learn from the expertise of peers and industry leaders.

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3- International Visibility

LUCI membership offers cities the opportunity to enhance their visibility on the international stage. Promote your lighting achievements, projects and initiatives through LUCI’s various channels, events, and publications. Gain recognition as a place that prioritizes and excels in urban lighting. This exposure can attract new attention and collaboration opportunities, giving you a global and local position as a leader in sustainability and quality of life.

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4- Capacity building

LUCI offers cities and urban lighting professionals a range of learning and capacity building opportunities. Access webinars and conferences that keep you updated with the latest policy recommendations, technology trends, and research insights in urban lighting. Stay at the forefront of knowledge, expand your expertise, and inspire innovation within your local lighting community.

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5- Advocacy and Influence

By joining LUCI, cities become part of a collective platform advocating for sustainable and innovative urban lighting practices. LUCI actively engages with policymakers, international organizations, and the public to shape urban lighting policies. As a member, you can contribute to this advocacy, influence the development of lighting frameworks, and align them with your city’s goals and priorities.

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