Look back on Light Festivals in Vilnius & Mons

©Mons en Lumières ©Vilnius Light Festival

Since its first edition in 2019, the Vilnius Light Festival has become a staple event, occurring annually on 25 January to celebrate the city’s anniversary. This festival stands out for its unique blend of modern light art, music, and technology, all set within the old city centre of Vilnius. This year’s edition continued the tradition, uniting residents and visitors in a vibrant and festive experience that illuminated the streets with creativity and innovation

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In parallel, the city of Mons recently witnessed the debut of its own Light Festival “Mons en Lumières”. Held last weekend (25-28 Jan 2024), this inaugural event commemorated the 100th anniversary of surrealism, intertwining this artistic movement with the theme of poetry. The festival featured an impressive collection of 26 light installations, contributed by various artists, and brought the city’s historic centre to life with mesmerising visual displays. For those who missed the first days, the festival will continue next weekend (01-04 Feb 2024)

Further details about these festivals are available at Mons en Lumières and Vilnius Light Festival.

©Mons en Lumières ©Vilnius Light Festival

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