Menschen memorial installation initiates a lamp collect for Ukraine during the Bright Festival

Menschen, a light installation by Philippe Morvan, was originally presented in Leipzig in 2019 to mark the 30th anniversary of the peaceful revolution of 1989. It pays tribute to the protesters of the day. It consists of 960 torches installed in a hanging crown. Each one represents an individual. 

Collected in some thirty European countries, they also symbolise the cultural diversity of Europe. Menschen is a memorial installation that evokes the memory of an object that was once present in every home to guide, reassure, gather and, sometimes, monitor or control. By day, this work is a real cabinet of curiosities. By night, it becomes an immersive experience, with graphic, light and sound effects.

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From collective memory to humanitarian action

A collection of autonomous lamps (incl. batteries) for Ukraine is organised around this work during the Bright Festival in Brussels. After Leipzig (2019) and Lyon (2022), this project is being presented during the festival. Following the on-site collection, these torches will be handed over to Ukraine as a joint action of several European Light Festival cities. This project symbolises international cooperation, actively involves the local people and sends out a strong signal for freedom and human rights. Everyone is welcome to bring functional electric torches (incl. batteries!) to the info point on Place Albertine, from 15 to 19 Feb, from 19:00 to 23:00.

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Read the full Bright Festival Press release here: https://www.visit.brussels/content/dam/visitbrussels/pdf-brochures/presse/cp/bright-2023/2023-01-16%20PR%20bright%20installations.pdf

©LUCI_Fête des Lumières 2022_Menschen project by Philippe Morvan

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