The LUCI Team


The LUCI Head Office Team is based in Lyon and works day to day to ensure the success of the network’s activities.


LUCI General Director

Contact: mark.burtonpage [at] luciassociation [dot] org

Mark is the LUCI General Director of LUCI since 2015. He coordinates the global vision & strategy of the network in liaison with the Executive Committee. He especially steers the network’s activities on events, projects, and communications. He is regularly invited to contribute to conferences and events worldwide as speaker.

He has seen the successful achievement of many gatherings EU projects and writing of publications in the past 10 years and is passionate about improving the governance of the city at night, sustainability in the city, city-to-city cooperation, knowledge sharing and connecting people whether online or in person! Before joining LUCI, he worked as a Senior Programme Manager for Efus – a European wide network of cities on Urban Security.

He speaks French, English and a bit of German.

Jessica FEREY

LUCI Deputy Director

Contact: jessica.ferey [at] luciassociation [dot] org

Jessica Ferey joined the LUCI team in May 2018. She is in charge of Network stewardship and development as well as Events strategy, overseeing all LUCI events, from conception to implementation. Jessica is also project manager for the Creative Europe LAiPS project (Light & Art in Public Spaces) and oversees LUCI’s activities under the Art & Culture pillar, including the Light Festival Working Group and all things relating to creative lighting.

Jessica has a multidisciplinary background that includes arts management, events management, art history, and theatre directing. In previous roles, Jessica was Deputy Director of the Global Cultural District Network and administrative assistant to the Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

She speaks English, French and a bit of Spanish.


LUCI Events Manager

Contact: domitille.garmyzimmermann [at] luciassociation [dot] org 

Domitille Garmy-Zimmermann joined the LUCI team in June 2024. She manages the development of LUCI’s international events, specifically with all aspects of coordination and logistics with the host cities. She also supports LUCI’s events communication efforts as well as ensuring continued knowledge exchange and capitalisation of LUCI’s activities. 

She has worked in the events industry for over 7 years with a strong background in business tourism, corporate events and venue management for cultural, diplomatic and private events in Dublin (Ireland) and in France.

She speaks French, English and Spanish.


LUCI Communication Manager 

Contact: cecile.journeau [at] luciassociation [dot] org

Cécile Journeau joined the LUCI team in February 2022. At LUCI, she is responsible for the internal and external communication activities of the LUCI network. Cécile also helps to develop and support knowledge exchange and capitalization activities of the LUCI network, upkeeps the network contacts database and participates in ongoing network relations and stewardship.

She has previously worked for several industries like telecommunications, electricity and retailing. She endorsed different roles like Communication & Marketing Manager, 360° Communication Consultant, Personal Assistant and Advisory Sales Specialist, mostly in B2B, from France, England and Malta.

She speaks French, English and a bit of Spanish.


LUCI Programme Manager 

Contact: jasmine.vanderpol [at] luciassociation [dot] org

Jasmine van der Pol is programme manager at LUCI since 2022.  With her international experience in the field of urban lighting, Jasmine helps to develop and support knowledge exchange within the LUCI network. She has the ambition to serve the urban lighting community and promote good lighting practices.

She will be project manager for the ENLIGHTENme project (Health & Urban Lighting), she will contribute to various Working Groups and support LUCI’s events and activities. Before joining LUCI, Jasmine worked as a lighting expert for an international manufacturer, engineering companies and lighting design agencies.

She speaks Dutch, English, French and a bit of Danish & Spanish.


LUCI Digital Communication Apprentice

Contact: julia.bauscorti [at] luciassociation [dot] org

Julia Baus Corti is a Digital communication & Design student at Télécom Saint-Étienne. She joined the LUCI team in October 2023 for a work-study internship in the field of digital communication. One of her principal missions is the LUCI website but also to enhance the strategic side of internal and external communication in the LUCI network. 

Prior to her association with LUCI, Julia gained valuable experience through various internships in digital communication, working with both non-profit organisations and private enterprises.

She speaks English, French, Spanish and a bit of Italian.

LUCI Regional Office for Asia (LROA)

The LUCI Regional Office for Asia (LROA) supports the balanced regional development of the network and reflects the lighting culture and identity of Asian cities in the global conversation on urban lighting. It is a representative office of LUCI Association in Asia which promotes and delivers activities on behalf of LUCI. LROA is managed by a Technical Coordinator, employed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government:

Hee-joon PARK

LROA Technical Coordinator

Contact: luci [at] luciassociation [dot] org

LROA is currently represented by Mr. Hee-joon PARK, Technical Coordinator, employed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

LROA is also coordinated by the Urban Landscape Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The representatives are:

  • Chang-su Ryu, Vice-Mayor II for Administrative Affairs, Vice President for Asia
  • Kwan-ho Lee, Director
  • Gang-wook Choi, Team Leader
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