ROCK Project

The ROCK Project

(Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities)


ROCK focuses on historic city centres as extraordinary laboratories to demonstrate how cultural heritage can be a unique and powerful engine of regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth for the whole city.


Aim and objectives of the project

The project involves seven Role Model Cities (Athens,Cluj-Napoca, Eindhoven, Liverpool, Lyon, Turin, Vilnius) and three Replicator Cities (Bologna, Lisbon, Skopje), which are engaged  in using cultural heritage as driver for urban growth, sustainability commitment and social inclusion in their political agenda.

ROCK will produce outputs related to three main domains of innovation: organisational innovation, technological innovation  and social innovation.

Regulating the use of light in a cultural heritage city

Among other activities, LUCI is involved in the ROCK project to explore how cities can create better urban lighting governance structures that limit light cacophony and ensure quality lighting.

The accessibility of LED technology and its multiple potentials for colours and dynamism has led to its widespread use. With more and more media facades and projections in the public realm, private owners are increasingly  using light to enhance their visibility in the urban space. This might in some cases create lighting conflicts – a form of light cacophony – particularly in places where the nocturnal landscape  has been carefully crafted, such as, for example, in city cultural heritage areas.

In many cities there is no overall governance framework to regulate, coordinate  and prevent this invasive use of light. LUCI is currently supporting a field study by the City of Lyon and INSA (the National Institute  of Applied Sciences – Lyon) that aims to develop a typology of private lighting initiatives and analyse their impact on nocturnal ambience in three sectors of the historical city centre. LUCI will also conduct a benchmark  of existing regulations and practices at the European level.

The results of this study outlined some of the major challenges faced by cities on this topic and will be accompanied by case studies and potential good practices. A seminar to present the results of the study and initiate further discussion among cities took place in autumn 2018.


City Nightscapes

As part of the ROCK propjet, the City of Lyon and LUCI aim to compile different international perspectives on city nightscapes (the luminous landscape of the city at night). LUCI will be conducting interviews with several cities on the subject of their city nightscape.

A publication on this topic, featuring this series of conversations with cities on the urban nightscape will be published in spring 2020.



Read more about the project at: https://rockproject.eu/









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