7 - 8 December 2020

Lyon Light Festival Forum (France)

Join LUCI during the renowned “Fête des Lumières” for the Lyon Light Festival Forum – organised by the City of Lyon and LUCI – to discuss light, art, culture and light festivals with municipal representatives, artists, lighting designers and other light festival professionals in a series of conference sessions and receptions.
See the programme of the Lyon Light Festival Forum 2019 here. More information on the 2020 event coming soon.

17 - 20 March 2021

City under Microscope in Stavanger (Norway)

This LUCI City under Microscope event that was planned 22-25 April 2020, has been postponed due to the evolving international situation around Covid19.

A City under Microscope event enables participants to discover the lighting strategy of a member city over a two-day period. It includes field visits and technical conferences on permanent or temporary lighting projects. Join this event to learn about Stavanger and its lighting strategy. More information here

27 - 30 October 2021

Annual General Meeting in Tartu (Estonia)

Key event of the LUCI calendar and the only international forum for cities on urban lighting, the AGM will feature panel discussions, workshops and open conferences on new lighting trends and projects from cities worldwide. Following AGM Rabat in 2018, and AGM Shanghai in 2019, the network will return to Europe for the LUCI AGM 2020 in Tartu, Estonia.