Light can be a “Beacon of Hope”

Are light festivals still sustainable ? What is the future of Light festivals ? ✨ Light can be a “Beacon of Hope”!

In the LUCI network, we are proud to have supported the artwork of Craig Morrison & Émilien Guesnard with 3 pioneering cities: Elisa Hillgen, Roosa-Maria Vesanen, Jani Ruotsalainen from City of Jyväskylä; Julien Pavillard, Romain Tamayo, Marion Traversi, from City of Lyon; Ronald Ramakers, Tom Weerts from GLOW Eindhoven and so many others!

This really shows the power of international cooperation when it is activated by passionate, hard working, creative and fun people!

This is perhaps one of the potential futures for light festivals, to be more sustainable: internationally cooperative, locally participative, “made by people for people”, low consumption, circular and inclusive in its conception.

Thanks to the Euronews Culture team for the story by Patricia Tavares.

🎥 Watch the video news here.

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