LUCI Summer Reading List

☀️ Take some time this summer for some light reading! Check out some of the recent LUCI urban lighting publications where you can read all about smart lighting from various city perspectives, explore how cities use light to create unique nightscapes, learn about the growing trend of light festivals worldwide, and find out more about permanent light art projects and cities’ creative lighting strategies.

📙 A Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting

This white paper, from cities, for cities, aims to help cities form their vision on smart lighting and support possible actions towards realisation.

Download your copy here: https://www.luciassociation.org/accueil/cities-guide-to-smart-lighting/

📘 Exploring City Nightscapes

Featuring conversations with urban lighting decision-makers – from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bologna, City of London, Ghent, Geneva, Jyväskylä, Lyon, Rotterdam, Seoul, Shanghai and Strasbourg – this book explores different approaches and common challenges linked to developing nightscapes.

Get your digital copy here: https://www.luciassociation.org/exploring-city-nightscapes/

📚 Cities & Lighting #9 – Smart Lighting: Paving the way to a sustainable future

The latest issue of Cities & Lighting magazine focuses on how smart lighting is paving the way to a sustainable future – from pilots to large-scale deployments, from challenges to opportunities.

Read more here: https://www.luciassociation.org/smart-lighting-paving-the-way-to-a-sustainable-future-cities-lighting-9-is-out/

📚 Cities & Lighting #8 – Light festivals: starting with the why

In this issue, find out more about the growing trend of light festivals worldwide with a specific focus on the emerging festivals in North America.

Check it out here: https://www.luciassociation.org/magazine/Cities-Lighting-008/

📒 Light & Art in Public Spaces

This publication demonstrates how light and art – from creating a piece of public art with light, to lighting an existing work of art, to illuminating urban underpasses, or transforming buildings into landmarks through light – offers multiple opportunities to cities.

Print copies only, order yours here: https://www.luciassociation.org/new-luci-publication-light-art-in-public-spaces/

LUCI members can request complimentary copies of these publications to be sent via post by contacting the LUCI team: luci@luciassociation.org

Happy reading!

The LUCI Team

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