Tallinn Urban Lighting Seminar: Light Pollution in Focus

Tallinn Urban Lighting Seminar: “Light Pollution in Focus” – with LUCI Light Pollution Working Group meeting.

Organised by City of Tallinn, Taltech (Tallinn University of Technology) and LUCI.

The Tallinn Urban Lighting Seminar offered a unique opportunity to meet experts from different parts of the world, committing themselves on reducing light pollution. The multiple perspectives on urban lighting and light pollution inspired us and opened up for further discussion during the LUCI Light Pollution Working Group.

The event was attended by:

> Around 100 in-person participants

> Over 10 speakers

> 21 members from the LUCI network

> 14 members followed our working group meeting online.

Night visit – Wednesday, 13th

We started the seminar with a night visit of the old town of Tallinn, thanks to our guide Joan-Tähven Vene, city lighting project manager at the City of Tallinn. We were able to enjoy the beautifully and sensitively lit old town, and at the same time recognize the skyglow over the city when looking down and seeing its full panorama.

The City of Tallinn, which is a LUCI member, has recently realised the lighting masterplan of the old town, rebuilding their nightscape. You can find more information on this area here.

Tallinn Urban Lighting Seminar: “Light Pollution in Focus” – Thursday 14th

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In the morning of the first full seminar day, we learned from TalTech’s experts – Martin Parker, Toivo Varjas and Argo Rosin – about measurement of light pollution, in particular Skyglow, and regulations applied in Tallinn in comparison with regulations applied in different parts of the world.

The City of Tallinn, represented by Eva Tallo, presented their newly launched survey on its citizens perception of light pollution.

This insightful morning session was followed by the keynote of Jari Vuorinen: “Lighting Design versus Sustainability (Light Sparring format)”.

LUCI Association, represented by Elisa Hillgén from the City of Jyväskylä, and Jasmine van der Pol, shared the Voice of Cities on reducing Light Pollution. They introduced the activities of the LUCI Light Pollution Working Group, such as the Short Survey, that LUCI launched on regulations and tools to reduce light pollution, and presented the LUCI Declaration for the Future of Urban Lighting.

The day ended with a panel discussion showing the various perspectives on the future of urban lighting have been shared by Robert Diedrich (WE-EF LIGHTING), Dmitrii Ingi (Aalto University), Tanel Lillesaar (ENEFIT – LUCI Associated Member), Marjut Kauppinen (Helsingin kaupunki – Helsingfors stad – City of Helsinki), and Joan-Tähven Vene (City of Tallinn).

LUCI Light Pollution Working Group meeting – Friday 15th

The final day of the seminar was dedicated to LUCI members, where cities and partners reflected on how light pollution is regulated, handled, controlled in our cities at the moment.

Two major topics related to light pollution have been addressed during this working group meeting:

Dark infrastructures – preserving darkness and saving energy

Studies and practices from LUCI members with presentation from Florence Colace (Ville de Genève), Virginie Nicolas (CONCEPTO), Marlies van den Hoek (City of Amsterdam) and Henrika Pihlajaniemi (University of Oulu).

Regulations and tools

First results were shared of the Short survey on regulations & tools to reduce light pollution.

Objective of the survey:
> creating an overview of local, national, and supranational regulatory frameworks related to light pollution. 
> identifying current gaps where there is progress to be made.
> a basis of future work of LUCI on topic of light pollution

Main concluding points:
1. Governance 
Cities do things – they are the ones who are responding to the challenge 
2. Tools
Cities need to invest in protocols to measure light pollution 
3. Philosophy
Prevention is as important as enforcement (and qualitative vs quantitative)
4. Diplomacy
Dialogue between public and private sector

The results will be further analysed and published in a report.

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We ended this seminar with the visit of TalTech University Light Measurement Lab, dedicated to light measurements, with luminance meters and the Taltech goniophotometer, that the city of Tallinn uses to verify the photometric data of the luminaires that they plan to install.

Lots of learning until the very end of the event.

👉 For more information about the seminar programme: https://lnkd.in/dXGEgazZ

🎬 Recordings of the Tallinn Urban Lighting Seminar (English & Estonian) here

👤 LUCI Members have access to the Light Pollution working group report and presentations on the LUCI Hub.

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