“La nuit est belle” – happening on September 23rd 2022!

Co-organised since 2019 by Greater Geneva, the Geneva Natural History Museum, the Geneva Astronomical Society and the Maison du Salève, “La nuit est belle” (The night is beautiful) aims to raise awareness about the consequences of night-time lighting on human health, the biological rhythms of flora and fauna, and the energy consumption generated by it.

After a first edition focused on astronomy and celestial observation, a second one on nocturnal biodiversity, this year’s focus is dedicated to Energy savings.

Hundreds of municipalities from Greater Geneva and beyond will switch off public lighting to raise awareness of light pollution. This date is set according to astronomical criteria as the aim is to maximize the visibility of the Milky Way at sunset.

Citizens are also invited to turn off their lights for this occasion!

The City of Lyon and the Métropole de Lyon are joining forces with the Greater Geneva during “La nuit est belle” initiative. On Friday 23 September, from 9pm to 6am, the Metropolis of Lyon will turn off the lights of most buildings, while the City of Lyon will do the same with the 370 heritage sites of its Lighting Plan that is in place since 1989.

©Michel Djaoui, City of Lyon - Hotel Dieu

Several local partners and some thirty municipalities in the Lyon region are taking part in this event. No less than 30,000 light points and 1,000 lighting cabinets will be switched off in this sector. Street lighting, however, will be maintained.

Share your observations of the city and the sky on the networks via #LaNuitEstBelle and #urbanlighting

The programme of events can be found here (in French): https://www.lanuitestbelle.org/edition-2022/programme-2022/

Sources: https://www.lyoncapitale.fr/actualite/3e-edition-de-la-nuit-est-belle-la-ville-et-la-metropole-eteignent-les-lumieres; https://www.lyon.fr/actualite/developpement-durable/la-nuit-est-belle-lyon-eteint-de-nombreux-sites-patrimoniaux

©Michel Djaoui, City of Lyon – Hotel Dieu

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