Local governments are in the best position to frame and manage a number of public services that increasingly need to be user-focused.


At LUCI, we believe that light is a major opportunity for cities to develop multiple helix partnerships that aim at creating societal added value.


Cities are at the heart of innovation, procurement, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of effective lighting strategies. They are in a position to better understand the implications of new lighting technologies, and develop with all their partners inclusive, balanced and effective strategies for their citizens. Governance issues focus on lighting to increase the quality of life, and smart lighting strategies as meaningful solutions to transform cities.


Objectives and activities

Our objective is to encourage a worldwide discussion about governance of lighting in cities in order to foster an open and transversal dialogue around these topics. We will explore, develop and help cities deploy new strategies based on local experiences and with the engagement of public and private stakeholders.


Leaders and partners

The City of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) is the leader of this pillar. The City of Lyon (France) is the co-leader of this pillar.



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