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The third biggest city in France, Lyon boasts an exceptional geographic situation. Its three hills and its two rivers, the Saône and Rhone Rivers give visitors remarkable view points on the city or from the rivers which have been adapted and made accessible to pedestrians.

The old district – including the Saint Jean district – was made a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1998, thus reinforcing its international influence. Further to the east, the Part-Dieu business centre develops an ambitious urban project, in particular with the undergoing construction of numerous high towers.

Lyon is a city where historical and cultural heritage is preserved while a continuous urban development ensures its attractivness and dynamism.



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The public lighting is directly managed by the municipality.

Only civil engineering and the painting of furnitures are outsourced activities.



Lighting Masterplan

The Lyon Lighting Masterplan was adopted in 1989; it was revised in 2005. It includes the following objectives/guidelines:

  • Implementation of a public lighting concerned with human beings and activities, with the help of differentiated atmospheres
  • Development of experimentations: be open to creative and new possibilities and introduce new technologies
  • Ensure a coherent and harmonious lighting  of the city
  • Reduce energy consumption and light pollution

Some implemented projects

  • Lighting of the courthouse and several bridges and passerelles like the Mulatière, La Feuillée and Raymond Barre bridges and the Passerelle de la Paix
  • Reduction of energy consumption by replacing 1700 luminaires in the city-center, as well as spotlights previously used for the lighting of fountains
  • Reduction of light pollution by replacing ball luminaires and optimising the control of luminous flux.

Perspectives for the future

The lighting strategy of Lyon focusses on the concept of temporality: temporal management of lighting will make lighting more user-friendly, adapted to the times of the day and to the citizens’ needs.


Camembert Lyon


Every December, the City of Lyon organises the Fête des Lumières, one of the largest light festivals in the world. The event lasts three days around the 8 December and attracts millions of visitors. For more information, see the online Light Festival Calendar.



During the Fête des Lumières, LUCI and the City of Lyon organise the Lyon Light Festival Forum. This event brings together LUCI members and other lighting professionals to discuss the challenges related to light festivals, with conferences and receptions.












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