Lyon Light Festival Forum


The Lyon Light Festival Forum (LLFF) brings together LUCI members and other lighting professionals to discuss the challenges related to light festivals, with conferences and receptions during the renowned Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

The City of Lyon and LUCI have been organising the LLFF for several years :



Lyon Light Festival Forum 2018

6-8 December 2018

Essence of Light: New forms of creative lighting for cities
As more and more cities seek to be recognized as “Creative Cities”, artistic lighting and light festivals are a way to reveal their creative potential all the while engaging with their citizens. The Lyon Light Festival Forum 2018 was the opportunity to continue exploring the use of permanent and temporary light for cities, focusing on strategies melding these two types of light to uncover new forms of creative lighting that are emerging throughout the world.








Lyon Light Festival Forum 2014

5-7 December 2014