Art & Culture


Art is an essential driving force that inspires urban leaders to develop their city and to deliver diversity to the culture and identity of the city.


At LUCI, we believe that light can be the way to develop art and culture in the urban space and transform the way we live and experience our cities.


Both permanent urban lighting and light festivals can help cities showcase urban creativity. Light becomes a playful material for all, a tool to explore people’s needs and dreams for their own city. Light combined with art reinforces the cultural identity of a city and is a clear asset to any urban lighting strategy.


Objectives and activities

The main goal is to open the field of creative lighting to new artistic forms in both permanent and festival lighting. The activities in this Pillar will explore how a co-creation approach can be implemented among the members of the network  for example, through structured exchange and peer-to-peer capacity building sessions.


Leaders and partners

The City of Lyon (France) is the leader of this pillar. The City of Gothenburg (Sweden) is the co-leader of this pillar.


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