Street lights are brightened when an emergency vehicle arrives – Oulu, Finland

The City of Oulu, in collaboration with Signify, has launched an innovative experiment on Saaristokatu, a busy downtown street. This project aims to enhance traffic safety by automatically increasing street lighting brightness when emergency vehicles approach an intersection, particularly during dusk. The initiative leverages advanced wireless lighting control system, integrated with Oulu’s traffic light benefit system for emergency vehicles, known as HALI.

HALI, a pioneering system in Oulu, automatically turns traffic lights green for approaching emergency vehicles, ensuring safer and quicker passage through intersections. This unique integration with this technology now brightens the street lighting, further enhancing safety for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. The solution employs multisensory technology to optimize lighting quickly according to situational needs, potentially serving as a model for improving urban traffic safety and efficiency globally.

Moreover, the lighting control offered by the interactive system not only improves safety but also contributes to energy savings and reduced light pollution by adjusting lighting based on traffic and pedestrian movement. The integration of data collected by various sensors into the system allows for dynamic urban planning, promoting comfort, safety, and health of residents while optimizing street lighting efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

HALI was developed in response to the high number of accidents involving emergency vehicles, with the system showing significant success since its implementation. It uses satellite positioning and mobile data networks to control traffic lights in favor of emergency vehicles, substantially reducing accidents and improving response times for emergency services.

This initiative between the two partners represents a forward-thinking approach to urban safety and sustainability, highlighting the potential for smart technology to make cities safer and more efficient for all inhabitants.

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