Placemaking with People and Light Working Group

LUCI Pillar - Social Cohesion

The working group entitled “Placemaking with People and Light” reflects on how light can support community engagement, urban regeneration and placemaking processes.


The main objective is to explore why and how cities engage with a wide variety of stakeholders – including department colleagues, commercial partners, and the local community – in their lighting projects in order to create places that have a positive impact on citizens.

The group is working on a publication to inspire, share stories and good practices on this topic.

LUCI member cities involved

This pillar is led by the City of Glasgow (UK) and gathers the LUCI Member cities of Albertslund (DK), Antwerp (BE), Gothenburg (SE), Helsinki (FI), Medellín (CO), Oulu (FI), Stavanger (NO), Strasbourg (FR), and Tartu (EE).

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