Health & Wellbeing


Ensuring health and wellbeing of each citizen is a fundamental priority of every city.



At LUCI, we believe that light can act as a major stimulus to help cities address issues related to health & wellbeing and mitigate the negative side-effects of modern daily life.



The non-visual impacts of light at all hours can affect our mood, behaviour and our circadian rhythm. Light pollution can also have negative impacts on human wellbeing. With innovative lighting solutions, cities can improve the lives of the most vulnerable citizens, e.g. in schools or nursing homes. The right indoor and outdoor lighting contributes to providing people with healthier, secure and comfortable environments.


Objectives and activities

The objective of this relatively new topic for LUCI is to gather and share existing practices, initiatives and experience among cities. We would like to spark international discussion within LUCI members on the importance of these issues, and build upon this expertise to develop our common knowledge.


Leaders and partners

The City of Albertslund (Denmark) is the co-leader of this pillar.



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