In Tallinn, the Haabersti tunnels receive a unique lighting solution

Earlier this year, the City of Tallinn, a LUCI member, unveiled a new adaptive lighting for tunnels in the area of Haabersti. The newly completed lighting solution replicates the movement of cyclists and pedestrians and changes colour according to the speed of movement.

Haabersti tunnel lighting (2)

Developing good lighting policies for public spaces has the power to enhance urban structures and areas. Indeed, light can help citizens to navigate the spaces they inhabit or visit. Light can also be a powerful tool to support a smart and environmentally-friendly mobility.

Covered passageways, tunnels and viaducts have often been considered unsafe or unpleasant public spaces. But from award-winning design in Lyon, to artist’s showcase in Amsterdam, LUCI network members have been hard at work to illuminate these darker areas. Now, the new lighting in the Haabersti tunnels – inaugurated in March 2021 – is a brilliant addition to this list.

An exciting and beautiful walkway

The Haabersti roundabout is one of the most important traffic junctions in the city. According to Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf, it was primordial for the designers to use exciting and economical lighting solutions. “The Rocca al Mare viaduct already received a dynamic lighting solution last year, and now we are pleased to announce the completion of special lighting solutions for the Zoo and Suurhalle tunnels. The walkways in the tunnels have been illuminated in the best possible way and the overall picture is visually attractive,” said Klandorf.

Oleg Siljanov, Deputy Mayor for the Haabersti district, said that the special lighting solution built in the tunnels will make the walkway exciting and visually beautiful. “Design lighting replicates the movement of people in the tunnel and changes color according to the speed of movement. In turn, this creates many different lighting solutions inside the tunnels,” said the deputy mayor.

In order to prevent vandalism and increase security, security cameras have also been installed in the tunnels, which will transmit the image to the Police and Border Guard Board’s control centre,” Siljanov added.

The design of the lighting solution was prepared by Arhitekt Must OÜ, a Tallinn-based architectural firm. It was selected through a competition organised by the City of Tallinn’s Environment and Municipal Department. The construction works were carried out by AS Elektritsentrum.

Have a look!

At a glance:

  • Commissioning authority: City of Tallinn
  • Lighting design: Arhitekt Must OÜ
  • Implementation: AS Elektritsentrum
  • Completed in: March 2021

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Credits: City of Tallinn
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