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The online knowledge-sharing platform for LUCI members

The LUCI Hub is:  

A resource centre on urban lighting with lighting news monitoring, case studies, event presentations, good practices, reports and more on city lighting strategies and projects.

A collaborative tool to build collective knowledge with dedicated thematic spaces to continue your discussions and help you collectively build upon existing information with new ideas.

The LUCI Hub is where members can:

  • Stay tuned to the latest urban lighting trends, news and projects.
  • Inspire others by sharing your projects, ideas, articles, research papers or reports.
  • Get user feedback from fellow cities with lessons learned on key technological and strategic questions in urban lighting.
  • Join Communities of Practice, where experts and your peers share experience and advice. Become one of these experts and share your own knowledge and ideas too!
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LUCI Hub Terms & Conditions
  • The LUCI Hub is a collaborative knowledge-sharing platform created by and for LUCI members, and our European Union projects and partners.
  • The services provided in the LUCI Hub are offered as part of your active LUCI membership and are partly funded by European Union projects.
  • Up to two individuals per LUCI member can have access to the LUCI Hub; access for additional users per member can be made available at LUCI’s discretion based on activities and implication.

The LUCI Hub is co-financed by the INTERREG BSR Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia project and the INTERREG North West Europe (NWE) Smart-Space project.

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