Light Pollution Working Group

LUIC Pillars - Public Spaces

Tackling light pollution (light clutter, negative effects of light on biodiversity, dark skies etc.) has a lot to do with how public spaces are designed, public realm regulations and our understanding of environment in cities as a whole.


Introduced in 2021, the Light Pollution Working Group reflects on how light pollution is regulated, handled, and controlled in cities at the moment, identify main causes of the problem and what actions can be undertaken.

Meetings will facilitate understanding the main challenges, collect case studies and share news in this field.

LUCI member cities involved

This working group is launched by the City of Jyväskylä (FI). Interested cities can contact the LUCI Team.

Meeting in Tallinn15 September 2023

LUCI members were invited to the next Light Pollution working group meeting in Tallinn, in conjunction with the “Light Pollution in Focus” Tallinn Green Capital of Europe Seminar (13-15 Sept.).

If you wish to join this working group, please contact us!

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