Green Space Dark Skies illuminates nature’s beauty

Green Space Dark Skies, a project from LUCI Associated Member Walk the Plank, is a transformative initiative commissioned for UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK 2022. This project invited 20,000 participants to explore National Parks using special “geolights” powered by renewable energy.

Led by Walk the Plank, the interdisciplinary endeavour engaged engineers, poets, and artists to create memorable experiences in nature while prioritising ecological sensitivity.

©Brian Morrison – Green Space Dark Skies – More than one hundered musicians gathered for Green Space Dark Skies at the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The project addressed post-COVID-19 changes in outdoor entertainment, emphasising community celebrations and the value of outdoor time. Described by participants as “stunning” and “emotional,” Green Space Dark Skies successfully reconnected people with nature.

Thousands became Lumenators, carrying low-impact lights across 20 scenic locations around the UK, creating mesmerising patterns in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Walk the Plank orchestrated events from April to September 2022, highlighting accessible natural spaces and encouraging those unfamiliar to participate.

Explore the Green Space Dark Skies website and read the Impact Report, detailing the six-month journey across the UK, collaboration with artists, and the profound experiences of our Lumenators. It offers a detailed exploration of the transformative initiative, providing insights into its long journey across the UK.

Covering the project’s inception, collaboration with artists, and the profound experiences of participants, the report highlights meticulous planning to minimise ecological impact. It showcases the fusion of technology and artistry, where engineers developed cutting-edge lighting tech, and artists curated immersive experiences in nature.

©Phil Young – One of 700 participants who took part in Green Space Dark Skies in the Chilterns

This document serves as a testament to Green Space Dark Skies’ success in reconnecting people with nature through creative light use. It stands as a blueprint for future initiatives harmonising art, technology, and ecological consciousness.

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