Call for Artists: LEIPZIG FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is looking for outdoor artistic projects to be presented along Leipzig’s inner-city ring road.

Calling “We are the people” and “No violence”, around 70,000 people gathered on October 9, 1989, to march along Leipzig’s inner city ring road, demonstrating for freedom and democracy and thus paving the way for the fall of the Wall, for the unity of Germany and Europe. The dramatic events of autumn 1989 still move people today.

Leipzig Festival of Lights is looking for projects that artistically take up the historical events of autumn ’89 in public space, reflect them in the current context and make them emotionally tangible.

Leipzig keeps the memory of the Peaceful Revolution alive in many ways. The culture of remembrance focuses on October 9 with the three central events of the Peace Prayer, Speech on Democracy and Leipzig Festival of Lights. Leipzig residents and guests of the city commemorate the historical events together at the original locations.

Leipzig Light Festival 2024 - Call for Artists
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The Leipzig Festival of Lights, which has been held annually since 2009, has firmly established itself as an art and community project at the historic site in public space and inspires thousands of visitors of all generations. The format, which has won several national and international awards, keeps the event of the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 alive in people’s minds. In particular, the big anniversary events every 5 years enjoy international attention.

Since 2009 the Peaceful Revolution has formed the common thematic thread whereas the participating artists change every year and sometimes implement their projects with local partners in a participatory manner. In addition, the Leipzig Festival of Lights maintains a strong international exchange. The aim of the event is to make the historical aspects of 1989 directly tangible in the present. The focus is on the central messages and democracy experiences of the Peaceful Revolution as well as their references to today, both nationally and internationally.

Application form can be requested by e-mail: lichtfest@ltm-leipzig.de

Application deadline is January 31st, 2023, 24:00

Information about the Leipzig Festival of Lights: www.lichtfest.leipziger-freiheit.de

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