LUCI’s Executive Committee statement in reaction to the situation in Ukraine

During a meeting on the 25th of March 2022, the LUCI Executive Committee stated:

“In reaction to the current situation in Ukraine, and to send a powerful message of peace, major buildings and monuments around the world have been illuminated in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

“The Executive Committee of LUCI strongly condemns the unacceptable aggression of Ukraine by Russian forces, and shows full solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine, and all those suffering including the people in Russia and the Region who face terrible consequences of the war.

The Executive Committee of LUCI supports all diplomatic action aimed at ending the war and ensuring the respect of sovereignty and international law. Cities around the world are showing solidarity and are responding to the humanitarian crisis, especially by helping those who seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

 “Strong relationships of exchange and friendship in developing sustainable urban lighting policies are at the core inspiration of LUCI for the past 20 years. Today, facing this act of aggression against Ukraine, the Executive Committee has decided to suspend all cooperation with Russian members of LUCI and not to participate in projects with Russian organisations, until further notice.

 “In this very dark time, Ukrainian cities show great courage and are at the forefront to protect and serve their communities in the face of loss of lives and livelihoods. One of the concerns is also the destruction of critical infrastructure that ensures essential public services, like urban lighting. In good time the LUCI Executive Committee pledges to develop cooperation mechanisms to help Ukrainian cities and offer lighting expertise if needed.

Busan, South Korea

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Glasgow, Scotland

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Seoul, South Korea

And many other cities…

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