Lighting takes new significance for sustainability in Gothenburg

Lighting is now included in the general Gothenburg Master Plan, adopted by the City Council in May 2022, and new city-wide lighting guidelines will soon be released.

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In a recent article published by Ljuskultur, Lars Ocklund, Head of City Lighting in Gothenburg, reminds us of the importance of cooperation to reach sustainable development goals. « City lighting requires collaboration and lighting is a good feature to converge around for sustainable urban development” he says.

New lighting guidelines have been developed in cooperation with Christina Vildinge, researcher and studio coordinator of White Arkitekter Göteborg, during a two year research project entitled “The Role of Lighting in Sustainable Urban Development” and also linked to the “Lucia INTERREG project: Lighting the Baltic Sea Region”, a European project where LUCI was involved in.

Decision makers, businesses and other governmental agencies have been provided with state-of-the-art lighting knowledge, covering aspects of environment, technology, economy, social acceptance, urban planning and green public procurement.

In this article, important aspects are covered, including how:

  • “Lighting ought to be a part of urban plan­ning just as the colours of building façades are.”
  • “It’s important (…) that buyers within the administration possess an un­derstanding of the conditions governing darkness – and that they in turn seek out both knowledge and the rele­vant skills.”
  • Light needs to be included as early as possible in the urban planning phase.
  • “Light isn’t just a city or municipal issue – it has national and international significance.”
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Read the full article, courtesy of Ljuskultur and see how Gothenburg is accelerating urban climate action by supporting ambitious lighting plan.

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