GLOW Eindhoven light festival is looking for artists

“It’s the city makes GLOW”. Each edition includes 30 to 35 light artwork projects by Dutch and international artists. For the past 17 years, these works have been displayed every November in the centre of Eindhoven and surrounding areas.

GLOW is inviting creative people to be part of the 2023 edition

The light festival is now looking for creative people for the 2023 edition ‘The Beat’, for and with Eindhoven, its residents and visitors. You are warmly invited to participate in The Beat from 11 to 18 November 2023.

‘The Beat shines a spotlight on the rhythm and the energy of the city. It looks inwards and represents the city’s pulsing heart. A movement, a rhythm, a beat. It connects and flows with the masses.’

Interesting work starts with imagination”. That’s why GLOW asks you this open question: 

What is The Beat for you? And how would you depict this using light?

Get to know more here: https://gloweindhoven.nl/en/you-make-glow/glow-is-looking-for-artists/

©GLOW Eindhoven 2019, Bart van Overbeeke

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