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LUCI’s magazine showcases urban lighting projects worldwide and addresses the key issues in the domain.

In this 10th edition of the Cities & Lighting Magazine, we focus on one
of the essential layers of our cities: green spaces and urban parks. How to illuminate these spaces is starting to become a major concern for urban policy makers that must respond to different and conflicting needs.

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Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting

Cities are confronted with the question of how to deal with developments toward smart lighting. Smart lighting brings many new possibilities: better adapting lighting to people’s needs, connecting other city functions with public lighting, creating new dynamic ambiences in urban spaces, even rethinking the role of urban lighting itself. But how can cities ensure that these smart lighting developments benefit their citizens and the common good?

The Cities’ Guide to Smart Lighting –  a white paper, from cities, for cities  –  aims to help address these issues.

Initiated by LUCI within the framework of the Interreg North West Europe funded project, SMART-SPACE, this white paper is the result of a one-year collective process gathering cities and experts in Europe and beyond.

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Exploring City Nightscapes

Cities can use light in a variety of ways, leading to very different luminous landscapes, or “nightscapes”.

The nightscape impacts how we move through cities at night and what we see as we do so. Moreover, how municipalities apply light in their urban spaces actually shapes these spaces and our experience of the city as a whole.

How have different cities across the world created their nightscapes?

Get the stories of 12 cities in the new LUCI publication, “Exploring City Nightscapes”!

Featuring conversations with urban lighting decision-makers – from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bologna, City of London, Ghent, Geneva, Jyväskylä, Lyon, Rotterdam, Seoul, Shanghai and Strasbourg – this book explores different approaches and common challenges linked to developing nightscapes.

Past Publications

Light & Art in Public Spaces

The LUCI publication Light & Art in Public Spaces, demonstrates how light and art – from creating a piece of public art with light, to lighting an existing work of art, to illuminating urban underpasses, or transforming buildings into landmarks through light – offers multiple opportunities to cities. Through case studies from Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Lyon, Rotterdam and Turin, this book provides cities the tools to develop urban light and art projects.

English, 2016, 70 pages
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cover LUCI book Light & Art in Public Spaces

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Light as a tool for tourism development

A publication realized by LUCI in partnership with Atout France, the national promotional agency linked to the French Ministry of Tourism, this book identifies key factors that determine how a lighting strategy can contribute to the touristic development of a destination. With testimonies and case studies from cities around the world such as Ghent, Montreal, Medellin, and Chartres, among others, the book will serve as a guide for cities looking to optimise their touristic potential through light.

English and French, 2012, 136 pages
The book is not for sale and is reserved for LUCI members only

The Economic and Cultural Benefits of Light Festivals

This report is the result of a study realized by the LUCI Culture Commission chaired by the City of Glasgow, in collaboration with Cambridge Policy Consultants. Through contacts with 26 cities hosting more than 30 light events and detailed case studies from 10 cities (Chartres, Durham, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Jerusalem, Lyon, Medellin, Montreal and Osaka), the report includes a wealth of information on how cities measure and demonstrate the success of their events.

English, 2011, 103 pages

LUCI Benefits of Light Festivals


The Social Dimensions of Light

The publication aims to define the concept of social lighting and draws attention to concrete experiences and exemplary practices in this domain with case studies from 12 cities world-wide such as Medellin, Bangkok, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Gwangju, Brussels, and Le Havre, among others.

It is a product of the LUCI Urban Strategies Commission chaired by the City of Liege which had initiated a reflection on the social dimensions of light in collaboration with the University of Liege (LEMA).

English – French bilingual, 2011, 115 pages

Cities and light planning

LUCI conferences resulted in the association’s first publication – “Cities and light planning” – presented during the 2010 “Rencontres de la Lumière” conferences.

Based on presentations made at conferences in 2009, the publication brings together chapters by representatives from Paris, Copenhagen, Lyon, Guangzhou, Leipzig and Ghent on their cities’ perspectives, challenges and strategies regarding light planning.

The publication, in English and French, was edited by LUCI in partnership with the INSA – University of Lyon (National Institute of Applied Science).

English – French bilingual, 2010, 56 pages



city.people.light award 2003 – 2010: 168 inspiring projects

This publication was released by Philips and LUCI to commemorate 7 years of the city.people.light award. The book takes a look at all the 168 city lighting projects that have competed for the award so far.

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