LUCI publication: Light & Art in Public Spaces

LUCI is pleased to announce its publication Light & Art in Public Spaces.

Light and art projects – from creating a piece of public art with light, to lighting an existing work of art, to illuminating urban underpasses, or transforming buildings into landmarks with light – offer multiple opportunities to municipalities.

They can transform urban spaces perceived as unsafe, enable participatory urban development, foster social cohesion or bolster the local economy.


A group of pioneering cities – Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Lyon, Rotterdam and Turin – have been working with light and art as a key component in their urban planning strategy.

Through detailed case studies from these cities, this publication provides municipalities and local authorities the tools to develop such light and art projects with artists and lighting designers: it describes the stakeholders and processes involved, main challenges faced and key factors of success.

This is done through over 15 examples of a variety of permanent light and art projects, among which the Moodwall in Amsterdam, Silo 468 in Helsinki, Amphibious Tunnel in Gothenburg, Part-Dieu Library in Lyon, Light Gig in Rotterdam and Luci d’Artista in Turin.

Light & Art in Public Spaces is the result of the activities of the LUCI Light & Art Commission which, since 2013, has brought cities together to exchange experiences and discuss common challenges on this topic.

“Through this publication we hope to bring light and art in urban spaces to the attention of cities all around the world, encourage greater exploration of this topic and inspire more projects in the future,”  –  Johan Nyhus, President of LUCI and Deputy Mayor of the City of Gothenburg.

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Light & Art in Public Spaces

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