Social Cohesion


In order to nurture social interaction, people and places should be connected throughout the city.


At LUCI, we believe that light is an enabler of urban regeneration and social sustainability, and that it is a powerful and creative tool for citizen participation.


In today’s increasingly digitised societies, light can encourage people to identify with each other as users of the same city and interact in the space around them, especially during night-time. Light contributes to bonding people and bridging gaps regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, level of income, etc. Freely and equally accessible light can also improve quality of life throughout the entire city. Citizen participation and interaction are a major goal in the management of local public policies to enable a user-focused city. Urban lighting can help to foster social cohesion by concretely involving communities.


Objectives and activities

The activities in this Pillar will explore how light can support community engagement, urban regeneration and placemaking processes. We will favour innovative learning methods to develop ideas and solutions in a participatory approach.


Leaders and partners

This pillar is led by the City of Glasgow (United Kingdom) and co-led by the City of Gothenburg (Sweden).



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