Sharing light 4Ukraine: Leipzig, Brussels, Kyiv and you

While the continuing situation in Ukraine has sadly reached its 1-year mark, cities of Leipzig and Brussels have started a cooperation – based on the idea behind the light installation Menschen, that will bring help to Ukrainians in these dark times.

In LUCI, we wanted to support and join this initiative and we are now calling the network and lighting field to action. See below how to donate.

As a twin city to Kyiv, Leipzig has been sending materials to Kyiv since the beginning of the war and will now collect the flashlights to be sent to those in need in Ukraine.

Calling people to action

We are looking for LED pocket lamps/flashlights (with batteries) AND/OR solar powered lamps or flashlights with a dynamo feature

2023_Stand with Ukraine_Flashlight example

>>Donate flashlights during the upcoming AGM in Jyväskylä

If you are joining us for the LUCI Annual General Meeting Jyväskylä in the Finnish City of Light on 1-4 March 2023, please consider bringing a flashlight (or more than one!) to donate and show your support and help bring light to Ukraine 

>> A collection point will be set up at the event venue. LUCI will handle sending these to Leipzig after the event.

AGM JKL 2023

>> Send flashlights directly from your home city

As a city, organisation or individual, you are invited to contribute to this call for action from your home. Feel free to organise a collection on your side, LUCI can help you organise this, please let us know.

>> Send your donation to Emilie Dias, Leipzig Tourismus & Marketing GmbH, Augustusplatz 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany – before 17 March.

Bright Festival in Brussels already contributed to the initiative

While the Menschen installation was illuminated at the Bright Brussels festival, locals could drop off their donation during the festival, from 15 to 19 February 2023. The collected LED pocket lamps/flashlights, solar powered lamps and flashlights with a dynamo feature will be sent by Brussels to Leipzig, which takes care of the transportation to Kyiv.

Let’s stand up together for freedom and human rights.

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