Designed for cities and local authorities, the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards recognise, every two years, urban lighting projects that reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of urban lighting and show a positive impact on economic, social, and cultural development. They celebrate cities that have driven projects with the ultimate aim to improve sustainability and quality of life.

The inaugural edition of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards has been launched in May 2022, at the occasion of LUCI’s 20th anniversary event Sparking the Future of Urban Lighting on 16th May, International Day of Light.

This first edition in 2022 awarded inspiring projects from the City of IzmirCity of Tampere, and Seoul Metropolitan Government. Become a candidate for this award!


LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards 2024

Tailored for cities and local authorities, the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards put the spotlight on high impact on urban lighting projects that go beyond illumination. These awards focus on lighting plans that have positive effects on economic, social, and cultural development of cities.

The second edition of this award continues to celebrate cities that have realised urban lighting projects that aim to improve sustainability and quality of life of citizens, in the spirit of the LUCI Declaration for the Future of Urban Lighting.

Applications from all over the world must be received by
15 March 2024 (11:59pm CET) at


Contact us: awards@luciassociation.org