Before you start to apply to the LUCI Cities & lighting Awards 2024, please read through the Application Package:

  • The Application Guide for general information
  • The Rules and Regulations for information about eligibility, selection procedure, communication and more
  • The Application Form that will give you an idea of questions direction

Application are closed for this edition. See you in 2026!

The entries will mainly be judged on:

  • Design – clarity of intention and objectives: describe the intention and objectives of the project, and how it was designed to achieve the goals.
  • Implementation – quality of the process and cooperation: describe how the project was implemented, with information about stakeholders and communities involved and why; specific cooperation/ co-creation methods and processes used; overall management challenges/ solutions for implementing the project.
  • Evaluation – overall impact: explain, when possible, with detailed evaluation of the project’s initial goals after project completion, how the project has had an impact on sustainability and quality of life.

Contact us: awards@luciassociation.org