Public Spaces


Public spaces are the beating heart of the city. They are the spaces where people – inhabitants and visitors alike – experience the city, its architecture and its infrastructure.


At LUCI, we believe that light can be the enabler of new applications and services in the public space, and it can even help reconstruct the notion of public space itself.


Developing good lighting policies for public spaces has the power to enhance urban structures and areas. It can create distinctive ambiences and nightscapes. Light can help citizens to navigate the spaces they inhabit or visit, and can be a powerful tool to support a smart and environmentally-friendly mobility. It can contribute to an attractive, functional and secure living environment, and boost identity and experience for residents and tourists.


Objectives and activities

LUCI seeks to advance our common knowledge of the role of light in public spaces by creating innovative tools to enhance the exchange of information on this topic.


Leaders and partners

This pillar is led by the City of Jyväskylä (Finland) and co-led by the City of Seoul (South Korea) and Glasgow (United Kingdom).


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