The City of Lyon 3rd Lighting Plan: taking care of the night

Light is an essential part of the City of Lyon‘s identity. Since 1989, when the city drew up its first Lighting Plan, lighting has been seen as a tool for urban transformation. In 2023, the city signed its 3rd Lighting Plan to reinvent itself and take care of the night.

Adopted by the City Council on 11 May 2023, the 3rd Lighting Plan proposes a new way of looking after the night, based on 3 fundamental values: quality, sobriety and citizenship.

The City of Lyon has published its new Lighting Plan in order to incorporate into this strategic document the changes taking place in the region, society’s new expectations and the current challenges facing lighting.

This Lighting Plan sets out the main principles on which the city’s lighting policy is based. It proposes to take care of Lyon’s nightlife by focusing in particular on the issues of quality of light, sobriety and the role of citizens in developing proposals for lighting in the various districts.

It also aims to be as close as possible to the uses and needs of the area and its residents in terms of light.

For the first time, it is accompanied by an Action Plan designed to give practical expression to the various ambitions, in a spirit of great responsibility in the face of today’s challenges.

Download the 3rd Lighting Plan >>

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