Why your city should apply for the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards?

Whether it is for the intention and objectives of their design, their implementation or overall impact, don’t you think urban lighting projects deserve to be showcased on a worldwide scale?

Present your projects by taking part in the exciting new LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards!

Top reasons why cities and other organisations should apply!

🏆 Promote sustainability
As a city or any other organisation, take the lead to globally improve cities’ sustainability and quality of life through lighting projects.
🏆 Highlight your project’s positive impact
The multi-disciplinary nature of urban lighting will be reflected through your project, and so its direct impact on economicsocial, and/or cultural development!
🏆 Build collective knowledge
Your work will be highlighted within LUCI’s worldwide communication channels, adding to the long-term collective urban lighting knowledge with cities on an international level.
🏆 Be part of the 1st edition!
As this inaugural edition has been launched at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of LUCI, your participation will be remembered in connection with this milestone!
By the way, the deadline to apply has been extended! 
Cities and other organisations now have until 9 September 2022 to fill in the Application Form 2022 and submit it to awards@luciassociation.org!

The LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards ceremony will take place during the LUCI Annual General Meeting in Busan (South Korea) on 19-22 October 2022.

 Applications from all over the world are encouraged!
Details and the full Application Packet 2022
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Contact us at awards@luciassociation.org if you have any questions.
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