Leipzig Light Festival & Beacon of Hope

What unites Jyväskylä, Eindhoven, Lyon and Leipzig?

Certainly, it’s light and the LUCI network, but there’s much more to it – a blend of creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability. These cities are all part of an initiative known as “Beacon of Hope.” Following three cities at their respective light festivals, it was Leipzig to shine, as it welcomed the fourth instalment of “Beacon of Hope” on October 9th in Lichtfest Leipzig.

Every year the festival of lights in Leipzig takes place on the 9th October, to keep the memory of the Peaceful Revolution alive in many ways. Leipzig residents and guests of the city commemorate the historical events together at the original locations, taking history to reality with light projects that artistically take up the historical events of autumn ’89  to reflect them in the current context and make them emotionally tangible by using audio, video and light. 

“Beacon of Hope” represents a remarkable light art project  in city collaboration, one that not only embraces the challenges of sustainability in light but also weaves together local traditions with global aspirations. The artist, Craig Morrison and Ant Dickinson, work hand in hand with local teams, infusing each installation with the essence of the city, crafted by the people, for the people.

The ultimate goal is to create a distinctive facet of the artwork that resonates with the essence of each venue and its inhabitants. So, the question beckons: Which city will be the next to bask in the brilliance of this radiant endeavour?

9th October 2023 at a glance:

5 pm Prayer for Peace, St. Nicholas Church (Bishop Kirsten Fehrs)

6:15 pm Speech on Democracy, St. Nicholas Church (Key Note: Golineh Atai)

7-11 pm Leipzig Festival of Lights (Augustusplatz, Burgplatz, Richard-Wagner-Platz, Nikolaikirchhof)

More information in https://www.lichtfest.leipziger-freiheit.de/programme.html

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