Tallinn call for lighting designers – Bastion Zone parks lighting


The municipality of Tallinn has launched an open call for ideas directed to lighting designers and lighting engineers. The subject of the design competition is the thematic plan for the lighting of Tallinn’s Bastion Zone parks.

The thematic planning should ensure the lighting’s functionality – by guiding people, showing the way and ensuring safety. At the same time, it should also value and protect nature and the environment, create an atmosphere and exhibit urban art.

The international design competition is a part of a pilot project in Tallinn’s Canute Garden one of the Bastion Zone’s parks. This is within the framework of the Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia project.


Aims of the idea competition

The aim of the design competition is to find the perfect lighting design solution for the parks of Tallinn’s Bastion Zone. The city aims to create safe, pleasing, energy-efficient and innovative lighting solutions for the parks, the design of which would last for decades in our climate.

With the thematic planning, the municipality of Tallinn is looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What, how, and how much should be illuminated?
  • What role can lighting play in valuing parks?
  • How can lighting help attract more people to the parks in the evening?
  • What kind of lighting can provide a feeling of security for residents while at the same time protecting the environment and the starry sky?


Further information for interested teams

The design competition is organized in two phases. The first phase aims to identify participants whose previous professional experience and approach are best suited for compiling a full competition entry. On the basis of the submitted portfolios and team CVs, up to three participants will be invited to submit a full competition entry in the second phase. In the second phase, the jury will choose a winner among three submitted competition works.



  • Registration deadline (first phase): 22 November 2019
  • Submission of full competition entries for up to three selected teams: 27 January 2020



  • First place/winner – € 8,000 (plus € 7,000 contract for the Kanuti Garden sketch project)
  • The other two participants – a prize of € 6,000 each
    All amounts include VAT.


Detailed task description

A detailed task description for the competition can be downloaded here:


Submit your application

Interested teams can submit their applications for participation by submitting a portfolio of previous reference works on outdoor lighting solutions for the public space carried out over the last five years (minimum 3 projects) and CVs of team members (including educational certificates if applicable).

Applications can be submitted via this registration link .


For  further enquiries, contact:

Eva Tallo, Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department
+372 645 71 50; +372 508 84 80; eva.tallo@tallinnlv.ee



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Image courtesy City of Tallinn / Lighting the Baltic Sea Region – Lucia project






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