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We are particularly proud of this Cities & Lighting Magazine edition #11 because, as you will see, it has been fully redesigned after 10 issues since 2014. Not only is the print version lighter and more sustainable, and altogether more readable and user friendly, we have also wanted to slightly update the concept.

Our main ambition in this new formula is to dive deeper in one topic of interest to the urban lighting community.

In this issue as well as the next ones, we bring complementary perspectives to give an overview of current developments and some practical insights or tools in the spotlight on one specific field throughout the magazine.

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What will you find in Cities & Lighting Magazine #11?

Following the International Conference held in Turin in November 2023 in the context of the EU co-funded project LAiPS (Light & Art in Public Spaces), we wanted to report findings and share with everyone the insights of speakers and experts, and deep dive into how light art can bring life to public spaces.

This edition also features:

>> A perspective on The future of Light Art in cities by Marco Bevolo, PhD.

>> Spotlight articles on Light Art related topics such as the international journey of the co-created Beacon of Hope, but also a view on how Light Art can change the world from creative angles to imagine the city of tomorrow, and an overview of the Light & Art Map, a new tool for cities.


We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed editing it!

Only you can write the next page!

If you have content to share from your city or organisation, or useful feedback on this magazine issue, please contact us here: luci@luciassociation.org.

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