PRESS RELEASE – New Executive Committee for LUCI elected in Montpellier


To continue inspiring cities around the world, LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting, has renewed its Executive Committee. As an organisation “for and by” cities, LUCI is led by an Executive Committee made up of 9 city members, who define the association’s policy orientations, discuss development and general activities. They are joined by 3 supporting associated members with consultative status.

The election for this two-year mandate, took place in Montpellier during the association’s General Assembly held on April 25th, 2024.

LUCI is proud to announce the Presidency of the city of Rabat.

The city of Rabat, in the person of its Mayor, Ms Fatiha El Moudni, will assume the leadership role in LUCI and will represent the association at the highest level.

Rabat, City of Light and Moroccan Capital of Culture, becomes the first African and Arab city to be elected to this position since the creation of the network in 2002.

Launched in 2014, the ‘Rabat, City of Light’ programme is an integrated royal project that has given the city a major boost in terms of lighting, urban planning and social inclusion.

In addition to Rabat, the new LUCI Executive Committee includes:

>> 1st Vice-President: Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole I Represented by Bruno Paternot, Vice-President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

>> Vice-President for Asia: Seoul Metropolitan Government I Represented by Je-Hyun Han, Vice-Mayor II for Administrative Affairs of Seoul Metropolitan Government

>> Treasurer: Glasgow City Council I Represented by Imran Alam, Councillor of Glasgow

>> Executive Committee member: City of Eindhoven

>> Executive Committee member: City of Gothenburg

>> Executive Committee member: City of Helsinki

>> Executive Committee member: City of London Corporation

>> Executive Committee member: City of Oulu

>> Fluvius, Omexom and Signify, LUCI Supporting Associated members, have been reconducted in their mandate as (non-voting) members of the Executive Committee.

Congratulations to newly elected representatives!

Executive Committee representatives from left to right: Omexom, Signify, City of Oulu, Glasgow City Council, City of Helsinki, City of London Corporation, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, City of Rabat, Glasgow City Council, City of Rabat, Seoul Metropolitan Government.

LUCI’s next steps

On this occasion, the Mayor of Rabat, Ms Fatiha El Moudni expressed her pride in presiding LUCI and her determination to promote the network’s actions.

‘As President, I will focus all my efforts on strengthening links between members, promoting best practice and encouraging the adoption of smart and sustainable lighting solutions in cities around the world,’ said Ms El Moudni, in a statement to MAP (Moroccan Press Agency).

‘We are convinced that with these actions, LUCI will continue to flourish as a global platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration for the improvement of urban lighting’, she pointed.

As Rabat’s representative in Montpellier, Mr Badr Tnacheri Ouazzani, Vice Mayor of Rabat expressed the following:

“I would like to thank all the members for the trust they have shown in the election […] Let’s recognise the importance for the city of Rabat to be, in the 22 years of history of LUCI, the first ever President from Africa! […] It’s an honor and pleasure, but it’s also a huge responsibility, to drive the network and make it thrive, to look back on what has been done with pride, boost changes where it is needed, and continue our global mission.”

He expressed 3 areas for LUCI’s next steps in the next few years:

>> Continue sharing the goals of the LUCI Declaration, and encourage cities to adopt them,

>> Build a stronger global community with meaningful ways for all to appreciate the benefits of being part of our network,

>> Enlarge our horizons and convince more cities to join our movement.

Mr Ouazzani concluded: “That is really the next step for LUCI: continue to grow and expand, not just because we can or we need to, but because we truly believe that cooperation is the way forward and we have lots to share with each other.”

About LUCI

LUCI is the international network of cities on urban lighting.

Created in 2002, LUCI is a non-profit organisation bringing together close to 70 member towns and cities worldwide.

It also includes over 50 associated members from the lighting industry, design agencies and research institutes.

LUCI brings together local authorities from across the world committed to using light as a sustainable tool for quality of life. Cities, including all levels of local governments responsible for urban lighting are joined by many lighting professionals, manufacturers, lighting designers and universities as well as individuals. All are welcome to meet, learn, act, speak and shape the future of urban lighting together.

LUCI communications contact

Cécile Journeau, Communications Manager – +33 (0)6 46 54 62 22 cecile.journeau@luciassociation.org

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