New lighting for the Strasbourg Cathedral


A new lighting scheme for the Strasbourg Cathedral, the second most-visited cathedral in France after the Notre-Dame in Paris, was inaugurated on the 29th of October 2016.

Commissioned by the City of Strasbourg, the new scheme aims to highlight the rich architectural heritage of the structure while enhancing the attractiveness of the urban context in which it stands, and to do so in a subtle, sustainable and energy efficient  manner.

The lighting design, by L’Acte Lumiere, uses light and shadow to enhance the rich details of this gothic architectural masterpiece.  It focuses on the material of the church (a rare type of sandstone), its volumes, elevation and delicate features.

The new lighting, which entirely uses LED technology, was installed by Citéos with material from LumenPulse, Louss and Insta.

This projects constitutes a new stage in the City of Strasbourg’s lighting master plan, which has already resulted in several projects throughout the city, one of which won the city.people.light award in 2014. Learn more here.  The City of Strasbourg recently joined the LUCI network in autumn 2016.



Images: Jean-Yves SOETINCK , Xavier Boymond




An edited version of this article originally appeared in   (Issue #5, May 2017).






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