New lighting for Lyon bridges

The City of Lyon inaugurated new lighting schemes for two bridges across the River Rhône last month.

The Lafayette bridge, a key element in the nightscape of the Rhône riverbanks first lit 20 years ago, now has new energy efficient lighting. The old lighting of the bridge, besides using obsolete lighting technology, also directed a large quantity of light to the sky. The new lighting scheme, which used LEDs, reduces light pollution and energy consumption, and highlights the special metal structure of the bridge. The statues and intricate lace-like structure are highlighted and the bottom of the bridge has been given a bluish tint in coherence with the colour scheme laid out by the lighting plan for the river Rhône and its banks reflecting its glacial source in the Swiss mountains.

SELEC 2015 Pont Lafayette c M Djaoui



SELEC 2015 Pont Wilson c M Djaoui

The Wilson Bridge, another key landmark and one of the first bridges illuminated within the framework of Lyon’s first lighting master plan, also got a new lighting scheme. The new lighting completely overhauled the old street lighting installation, which consisted of lanterns dating from the 70s, and has reduced power consumption by half.  The new lighting design is also in coherence with the planned lighting scenography of the Rhône river and the new illuminations envisaged for key buildings along its banks in the near future.











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