USA launches Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting

The White House has just announced the launch of the Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting, which will work with dozens of municipalities across America to accelerate the adoption and use of energy efficient outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting in the U.S. will consume enough energy to power 6 million homes this year, costing cities about $10 billion annually.

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The Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting aims to drive carbon pollution reductions across the nation and triple the US Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings program goal of upgrading 500,000 lighting poles to 1.5 million.

The objective is to encourage more mayors to lead their cities with efficient lighting solutions.  Cities participating in the initiative will work together with the DOE to drive analysis, secure funding, and install outdoor lighting systems. This will accelerate the adoption of high-efficiency outdoor lighting and improve system-wide replacement processes at the municipal level.

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