Urban Lighting in African Cities

Urban Lighting in African Cities

Dakar (Senegal)

4 – 5 May 2017


Jointly organized by LUCI and the Municipality of Dakar, this conference will address the context and specificities of urban lighting in cities in Africa.

It aims to bring out the needs and challenges of local authorities in Africa and highlight good practices regarding urban lighting in the region.

By bringing together elected municipal officials, public lighting managers, engineers, maintenance operators and various other lighting stakeholders in African municipalities, the event aims to create a new space of exchange of experiences on urban lighting in the area.

The conference will address issues such as:

  • adapting public lighting to sustainable urbanisation;
  • state of the art and evolution of public lighting infrastructure;
  • challenges and opportunities of solar and off-grid lighting;
  • the link between public lighting and public security;
  • city attractiveness and development of the night-time economy;
  • lighting and social cohesion;
  • promotion of art and culture in the city through light.











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