TAVA2018 announces exciting line-up


The second edition of Tartu in Light (TAVA2018), an architectural lighting design and light art festival held in Tartu (Estonia), will take place this autumn featuring outdoor and indoor exhibitions, a lighting design conference, a light fair, and a series of workshops conducted by professionals.


This year the TAVA open-air light-installations, with the theme “Radical light”, will feature six light installations that will help to reconfigure and rethink six well-known places in the heart of Tartu’s Old Town. Participating artists come from Estonia, Finland, Mexico, Denmark and Germany, and the curators are Varvara & Mar. The installations are open to the public from 25 to 28 October.


TAVA2018 will also include an international lighting design conference and a light fair on 25-26 October. The theme of both events is “Resilient Design in a Changing World”. Selected speakers come from India, Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, Island, Denmark and more. The curators are Johan Moritz and Tina Wikström, lighting designers for the City of Malmö.


Another important part of TAVA2018 will be  a series of architectural lighting design workshops (20-24 October), helmed by members of the IALD. They will change the nightly appearance of 3 historical sites in Tartu: the Tartu Toy Museum, St. John’s Church and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.The curator of these architectural lighting design workshops is Sabine De Schutter, a Berlin-based lighting architect.


Additionally, indoor light art exhibitions will open on 24 October and last for a month. The theme is “Vacuum as a Mindset”, with curation by KIWA, an Estonian multi-disciplinary artist.
The legendary Dreamachine, a device causing hallucinations, invented by Brion Gysin in 1959 and made popular by William Burroughs and Psychic TV, will be presented for the first time in Estonia.


Finally, a mapping workshop will take place on 21-24 October – the first of its kind in Estonia. It will be led by professionals from Limelight, a studio known for its work on such festivals as Bucharest iMapp and the Amsterdam Light Festival.



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Photo credits: Annika Haas




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