Putrajaya set aglow by fifth edition of LAMPU Festival


The City of Putrajaya has held for the fifth year in a row the LAMPU light festival from 28 to 31 December 2017. Malaysia’s Federal Government Administrative Centre began organising the event in 2013.
LAMPU stands for Light and Motion in Putrajaya. In Malay, it means lamp.

The festival featured spectacular displays of lights, audio and motion during 4 nights. It included projection mapping on the facade of the city’s Grand Palace of Justice. In addition, the city was also home to light installations and live and digital fireworks shows.

The event was launched by the President of Putrajaya Corporation, Mr Datuk Seri Hashim Ismail. One million visitors were expected to visit the festival, organised by the Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) with the support of the Federal Territories Ministry.


Take a look below:

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