Paleo music festival

The environment-friendly approach of the Paléo music festival  

Christophe Cucheval
, Environment Officer and Cleaning Coordinator, Paléo Music Festival Nyon


The Paléo Festival is the largest open air festival in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe.  Every evening, this music festival welcomes 35 000 visitors over 6 days.  Since 2000, Paléo has officially committed to becoming more sustainable.  The first stage was to set up a waste management system. New lines of action are now being explored, including transport and food provenance, in order to further reduce the festival’s environmental impact.


Christophe Cucheval has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering.  After gaining experience as an environmental officer in a sugar factory, he joined the Nyon Paléo Festival in 2011.  He is responsible for organising the cleaning of the site and optimising collection of waste with the help of 300 volunteers.

photo C.Cucheval




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