New festival – Tartu in Light TAVA 2016

The City of Tartu has announced the launch of Tartu in Light (TAVA 2016), the first ever architectural lighting design and light art festival to take place in Tartu, Estonia. TAVA 2016 will take place from the 21 to the 23 October 2016.


It will feature site-specific outdoor installations, that deal with Tartu’s forgotten spaces, its history, its citizens, and that bring spatial relationships between places  and non-places into the limelight.

The festival aims to bring together beginners and professionals, connect companies and artists/professionals, open up the topic and celebrate lighting design.

In addition, workshops, open-air installations, a hackathon, a conference, a light  fair and exhibitions will take place through the month of October. The workshops and the conference are curated by lighting design expert Sabine De Schutter. Workshop leaders include IALD members Vivi Katarina Hennig, Johan Moritz, Tina Wikström and Dario Nunez from LuminArk.

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More details at http://tartuvalgus.ee





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