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Linköping Sweden


Linköping, a city of 158 800 inhabitants in southern Sweden, has just joined LUCI.

The city has been working on winter light arrangements since 2004 and was one of the first cities in Sweden to arrange such illuminations. Over the years, several new walkways and light installations have been created in different parts of the city.

The success of the winter lights – which encouraged Linköping residents to discover new parts of their city and which also contributed to an increase in the feeling of safety in certain areas – has resulted in more public investment on light in the urban space.

“We are very happy to join LUCI, to share our experiences along with the other cities in the network.

We look forward to taking all the best that they have done, and of course, giving back in every way we can,” says Jonas Sjölin, Head of Urban Development, Maintenance and Traffic at the City of Linköping.




Images © City of Linköping






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