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Chartres France


Chartres, a city with 40,000 inhabitants, has a rich historical and architectural heritage.  It has a historical centre listed as a conservation area by French law and a cathedral which has been listed as a world heritage site since 1979.
The city’s economic development is based notably on the cosmetics sector, the city being the heart of the “Cosmetic Valley”, a competitive cluster for cosmetics boasting large groups such as MMA, Guerlain, Novo Nordisk and Lorenov.
The city’s dynamism is demonstrated by an unemployment rate 2.5% lower than the national average.



The municipality is responsible for

  • street lighting
  • decorative lighting and architectural lighting
  • lighting for sports facilities
  • festive lighting

Lighting is maintained within the scope of an energy performance contract with global management.
Activities relating to renovation (public lighting / sports lighting / enhancement / networks), maintenance (preventative and corrective), operation and festive lighting are outsourced.



Lighting master plan

The key areas of the Chartres lighting masterplan are:

  • Consistency of equipment installed (poles / luminaires / base shafts)
  • Consistency of illuminance (uniformity / average illuminance / colour temperature)
  • Consistency of treatment of strategic places (roundabouts / squares)

Some recently implemented lighting projects

  • Treatment of globe luminaires fitted with mercury vapour lights

Two districts are involved: the Gaston Couté district and the Bel Air district.
This project consists of replacing globe luminaires fitted with mercury vapour lights with two-step LED luminaires.  42 units have been replaced in the Gaston Couté district and 32 in the Bel Air district, allowing 83% of energy to be saved for the entire project.

  • Re-equipping luminaires

Change of control gear on the projector to reduce wattage (from 400W – 250W).  44 lights are concerned.  The project has allowed 38% of energy to be saved.

  • Treatment of Place de la poissonnerie

The project consisted of setting up LED luminaires (Stanza, Maya) as well as highlighting
maison du saumon (LED + DMX projectors)

  • Highlighting the Anne Franck wall

Perspectives for the future

  • Controlling consumption: continual renovation of existing material
  • Incorporating new technologies relating to public lighting
  • Developing towards an increasingly intelligent city (remote management of lights, presence detection, etc.)



Number of lighting points: 7 368 (public lighting) – 600 (illuminations)

Total power used for public lighting (kW): 930

Camembert Chartres



Chartres en lumières festival
For more information, see the online LUCI Light Festival Calendar






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