Lyon Light Festival Forum

Cities gather in Lyon for 3rd edition of the Lyon Light Festival Forum

Over 180 participants including 36 cities and light festival organisers from around the world came together for the 3rd edition of the Lyon Light Festival Forum from the 5th to the 7th of December 2015.

Organised annually by City of Lyon and LUCI, the Lyon Light Festival Forum (LLFF) brings together LUCI members and other lighting professionals to discuss challenges related to light festivals through conferences and receptions.

This year’s edition focused on how and if light festivals can be sustainable, with presentations from the organisers of the “I Light Mariana Bay” festival (Singapore), the Amsterdam Light Festival, the Lyon Light Festival, as well as the Paleo music festival in Switzerland.


The speakers addressed different aspects of sustainability in festivals such as limiting energy consumption by prioritizing certain technologies in light art, sustainable sourcing and transport initiatives, as well as recycling.

The second thematic focus of the conference was the role of sound in light festivals, with a panel discussion featuring the representatives of the Jerusalem Light Festival, the “Lights in Alingsas” festival, the Lyon Light Festival, as well as light artist Jean-Luc Hervé of the Orpeilleurs de Lumiere.

A discussion that ranged from the importance of an original music score and the various ways of using sound in a light installation, through to sound pollution and the co-habitation of several sound and light installations in a limited space.

The presentations made during the conferences are available in the LUCI members area

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